Undiluted Faith
Undiluted Faith
Continuous journey with Serrah Nichols


Serrah Nichols

I was born and raised in Florence, Alabama. My love for words, literature, and a christian education led me to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL. I am currently teaching middle school English at a small school in rural Florida. I am a passionate proponent of slow cooker recipes, alliteration, and all things Italian. Catch me drinking an iced coffee and re-reading The Phantom of the Opera for the umpteenth time.


Undiluted Faith

I like my faith like I like my coffee— strong.

There’s a coffee shop in Montecatini Terme, Italy where I spent quite a bit of time in the spring of 2017. There were days when I would sit from morning until evening, sipping cappuccini and studying God’s word.

You see, I was thirsting for more faith, faith like Peter’s—faith to follow Jesus, even into the storm. The strongest cup of undiluted faith was poured into my soul as I lived and breathed in the places Christ did, as I went out in a boat onto the lake where Peter walked on the water towards Jesus, and as I sang praises to God among the bones of Christians who walked before me. This was my first taste of a faith brewed strong, not weakened down by the distractions and fears of the convulsing winds set to take my eyes off Jesus.

Here I am two years later, and I find a video of a devo on a pier on the Sea of Galilee. “What is God calling you to do?” was the question asked. Examining myself two years later by the words of Sam Welsh in a 5 minute devo, God showed me that right now He is calling me to grow and help others grow. I was reminded of this faith I discovered in a coffee shop and I realized that maybe it has become diluted with worldly distractions— there, but weakened down. So, this blog is the beginning of a continuous journey to strengthen the brew of my faith, and hopefully strengthen others’ as well. Won’t you come on this journey with me?